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No matter how you spell it, chainmail has been a subject of some fascination since it first reached its peak centuries ago in Europe. Most people still picture knights on white horses when you mention maille, but itís also become very popular for jewelry and certain other items.

Today, chainmail armor is still very popular, particularly among members of the SCA or LARP. Booths selling maille armor and jewelry are common sights at most renaissance fairs. And eBay is, as always, a very popular place to purchase various supplies, finished pieces, or an artisanís services.

I do take custom orders, with a bracelet usually running $15-25 or necklace for $20-30 (depending on materials and complexity of weave).  Earrings, cuffs, anklets, slave bracelets, rings, bracers, etc, etc, etc. are also possible.  Heck, I can even make you little chainmail outfits for your favorite stuffed animal. More complicated items might include baskets, candleholders, plant hangers, juggling balls, or delicate Christmas ornaments.

There are thousands of weaves out there, so if you donít see something that seems just perfect, let me know and weíll figure out what would be perfect for you.

Iíve borrowed another maillerís image for the time being (itís not easy to get good pictures of maille), but the weaves shown here are a decent sampling of the simpler weaves I work with.

This is one of the first pieces I completed...a replacement for the rather plain chain my MedicAlert bracelet came with. The weave is known as European 6-1 (meaning that each ring passes through six others). The ring is made from the same weave and custom-fit.

truly incredible range of custom jewelry on the main site; ďringsĒ page offers rings in silver, gold, and the most incredible colors of niobium.

this is without a doubt the best seller iíve ever had the pleasure of dealing with and i cannot recommend her enough.

the ultimate authority on all things maille. Maille Artisans International League is an online community and clearinghouse of information.  most extensive online resource for articles and weaves.

in general, lowest prices on supplies of all types.  astounding selection of the more common metals and gauges.  <big grin> gift certificates available!