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service dogs

Note:  So far, the beginning and my baby are the only two with content, but dont worry, im getting there!


Ahh..  Service dogs. A subject very near and dear to my heart, especially as I continue training Xiomar, my white German Shepherd as my Medical Response dog. So lets get down to the basics....

the beginning is a good place to start for folks who are looking for some basic info on SDs

laws and such Ive actually reproduced some of the federal laws applicable to service dogs.

useful links covers all sorts of websites that Ive found useful. This includes everything from SD equipment and supportive online groups to general SD and dog information and a selection of law texts.

And, no surprise,
my baby shares pictures and stories about my beautiful white boy.

Im always interested in links to other good SD sites of all types, so please feel free to send me any that have interested you.  .