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I am constantly in the process of updating my computer, but at the moment it consists of:

1.33 GHz AMD Thunderbird processor overclocked to 1.4 GHz
60 GB 7200 rpm Maxtor hard drive
GeForce Ti4400 128 MB video card
Memorex 32MAXX 1240 AK CDRW drive
Antec 1030 SOHO full tower server case
Antec TrueBlue 480W power supply
Altec Lansing subwoofer and surround sound speakers
Viewsonic 17Ē flat CRT monitor

CORRECTION:  This is what my computer USED to consist of.  Before I took it apart into wee little tiny pieces in a process Iíll call ďupdatingĒ. New motherboard, processor, RAM, and even some new games (finally!!  Half-Life 2!!).  But, err, I kinda ran into a snag trying to put a new and improved cooler on my video card. So until I figure out how Iíve managed to so thoroughly make a mess of something so simple, itís all still in pieces and Iím still not getting to shoot little imaginary people on a regular basis. Hmmph.

Things are always changing though. I recently began modding my case, beginning with a window on the front door panel.  Next I plan to add a large side window and add some additional cooling for my video card. iím sure cold cathodes and UV reactive cables wonít be far behind. Thank goodness my wish for a brand-spanking-new power supply was granted. After all, what good are all the little blinky lights if you donít have anything to power them?

As it also happens, I have somehow managed to keep my little laptop alive for the past six or more years. Impressive, I know. It sure was good when I bought it, but just for comparison to todayís technology, these are its specs:

333 MHz Intel Celeron processor
original 32 MB SDRAM upgraded to 96 MB
and a whopping 4.1 GB hard drive

Iíve become EXTREMELY interested in gaming over the years. My first true love will always be CounterStrike, despite the death of my favorite server Beer for Breakfast.  Since then Iíve become more interested in single player games such as No One Lives Forever 2, Jedi Knight 2, Deus Ex, Half-Life, and of course, the ever classic Minesweeper (yes, the little one that comes with your computer). I now own Half-Life 2, but my video card isnít going to be too happy about it. So if anyone would like to donate a video card upgrade or additional RAM so that I might more fully appreciate the game, your gift will be well received. <grin>